Youth Workforce Grads Head to College, Ready to Eat Healthy

Date: Jun 27, 2016 By: Alexandra Romano


Youth Healthy Meal 1

Eating healthy in college is a challenge with low budget and little time to cook and eat. These challenges can be even more profound for students from at-risk backgrounds. With the help of Chef Holley, our Youth Workforce Development Program prepared two college-bound students  for their next chapter by creating a unique, tasty meal plan that also stays within their budget.

The students were both enrolled in Greyston’s 1 year “In and Out of School At Risk Youth Program” which was designed to mentor and support young adults  looking to expand their interests and provide the resources they need to stay in school. The students successfully graduated from the program, received their High School Diplomas this month and are enrolled in college for the fall! But before they begin their next academic chapter, Chef Holley made sure to give them a hands-on demonstration along with a recipe book to guide them through their journey ahead.

Chef Holley directed the Healthy Cooking Culinary Event, teaching them how to make 5 simple 30-minute meals that will satisfy their daily cravings. He succeeded in debunking the idea that college students must succumb to poor food choices. Millard Holley has over 25 years of experience as a chef.

Youth Healthy Meal 5

“We are proud of them and glad they now feel confident in preparing their own meals,” says Angelca Saint-Hilaire, Greyston’s Youth Services Coordinator. “Both youth enjoyed making and tasting all of the delicious dishes that they created.”

Here are some of the meals Chef Holley prepared with the students. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments!


Youth Healthy Meal 2

Orange Fennel Salad with Spicy Gulf Prawns
This vibrant, refreshing salad also contains citrus sections, confetti citrus vinaigrette, and roasted pepper aioli. Tip: Make extra vinaigrette and prepare the fennel and oranges ahead of time to speed up the assembly!


Youth Healthy Meal 3

Asian 5 Spice Chicken Kabobs
Served on top of udon noodles, Asian slaw, wonton crisps, and ginger soy vinaigrette. SPOILER: one of the five spices was cinnamon!


Youth Healthy Meal 6

Southwest Caesar Salad
Adding mesquite grilled salmon and plantain crisps was a delicious twist on the classic Caesar Salad.


Youth Healthy Meal 4

Open-Faced Avocado Grill
Served in a San-Francisco sour dough shell with prosciutto, bacon, swiss and tomatoes. A quick and satisfying lunch for any avocado lover.


We know that eating healthy is key to success. We may be the home of the best brownies in the world, but we are also keenly aware that a thriving community requires access to healthy, affordable food. Each of our many programs at Greyston works to improve the eating options of community members.

Which meal will you be cooking this week?