Will You Be Celebrating Poverty Is Unnecessary Day?

Date: Oct 21, 2014 By: greystonbakery


Greyston Bakery works hard to enact social change, and every so often we like to take the time to reflect on and celebrate successes, especially if we can do so with some of our tireless partners!


One such partner is Whole Planet_logo_4c_CS2_small copyWhole Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Whole Foods Market to eliminate poverty by offering grants to microfinance institutions in Asia, Africa, the Americas and the Middle East. These microloans encourage employment and sustainability in poverty-ridden communities and have amounted to over $36 million dollars disbursed to impoverished entrepreneurs in 61 countries. Greyston proudly supports the mission of Whole Planet Foundation by donating 2 percent of brownie sales and 1 percent of cookie sales because we dream of a day when poverty will be eliminated and because we value the use of microloans in supporting self-sufficient communities. We know that individuals have the capacity to create thriving businesses, and with the appropriate resources, these businesses become realities.


Just as individual success stories at our bakery inspire us, personal accounts of individuals who have been able to fulfill dreams and attain self-sufficiency through these microloans drive us forward. One such story involves Anna, a woman from Mpumalanga, South Africa who used her loan to open a restaurant that provides tasty food for locals. The success of the restaurant has enabled Anna to create a small marketplace next to the restaurant where she sells eggs.  Anna is proud of her restaurant and grateful that microcredit assisted in fulfilling her aspirations and leading her to financial stability.

October 25th marks Whole Planet Foundation’s 9th year reducing poverty worldwide and will be honored with Poverty is Unnecessary Day, a time to celebrate accomplishments and  energize the community to continue this essential work. At select Whole Foods locations, festivities will include activities, demos and giveaways supported by an array of incredible Poverty is Unnecessary Fund members, including Greyston Bakery, Café Spice, CorePower Yoga, Food Should Taste Good, LÄRABAR, Genji Sushi, Liberte, Navitas Naturals, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, ORGANIC INDIA, Stacy’s, Steaz and Vita Coco. We are excited to participate in this meaningful day to celebrate Whole Foods Market, Whole Planet Foundation and other organizations making a difference, and to share our mission with the community. Our bakers have prepared delicious Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crisps, Chocolate Mint Crisps and Brown Sugar Blondie Crisps for the occasion because, after all, what is a celebration without  Cookie Thins?



We hope you join us at Whole Foods Market, try our Cookie Thins and continue to support Whole Planet Foundation and the companies that prioritize social equality!