Welcome to Bakers on a Mission

Date: Jul 01, 2014 By: Sara L



Welcome to the delicious world of Greyston Bakery! You’ve enjoyed our signature brownies in all forms and flavors, from an individually wrapped treat at Whole Foods to your favorite pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie.


Our mouthwatering delights are made with only the finest ingredients. Every bite of fudgy brownie or crunchy cookie is packed with fresh-from-the-oven flavor. Perhaps our best ingredients are the love, pride, and perseverance that go into every batch too.


At Greyston, we’re not only about baking you treats to chew on, but changing the community around us. We are a $12 million company that trains and employs our community’s most disenfranchised members. In founding our employment model, Open Hiring™, we provide jobs to anyone who walks through our door and has a readiness to work. Because there are neither background checks nor pre-screening requirements, we are able to reach those who most need our help in the surrounding Yonkers community.


Here at the Bakery, our profits support the community development initiatives at the Greyston Foundation, such as providing affordable housing and employment services. We are proud to have been named New York State’s first Benefit Corporation, operating under a triple bottom line which emphasizes profits from our delicious baked goods, social contribution, and environmental impact.


Greyston Bakery is not only committed to baking delicious brownies and cookies, but to creating positive and dramatic changes in our community. We are very excited for our blog to serve as just one more way to spread the Greyston mission. This is a place to share all our tasty thoughts— such as mouthwatering recipes, employee success stories, and our latest sustainable goals. We’ve always been Bakers on a mission; now we’re Bloggers on a mission too!


We hope you enjoy checking into our blog as much as chewing on our brownies and cookies!