The Future of Work Recap

May 14, 2019 Posted under Open Hiring


“It’s definitely more than just a brownie” wrote Kim Gaudin de Gonzales on her LinkedIn post after attending Greyston’s panel discussion that took place at the Yonkers Public Library last week on re-envisioning human capital hiring practices and how the Open Hiring model can positively affect a company’s morale, employee retention, corporate responsibility, and bottom line.

Greyston CEO and President Mike Brady was joined by, Ty Hookway, founder and president of CleanCraft, a commercial cleaning company based in Rochester N.Y, a pioneering social enterprise that is working with Greyston to bring Open Hiring to his community, and Nora Donoher, the Director of Human Resources at St. John’s Riverside Hospital here in Yonkers, who has been working with Greyston to hire graduates from our Workforce Development programs.

During this lively 90-minute discussion moderated by Business

Council of Westchester President and CEO, Marsha Gordon, attendees were shown through real life examples how the traditional approach to hiring and managing talent can be radically improved through non-traditional approaches to attracting and keeping reliable talent. When companies adopt Open Hiring at any level, a community is uplifted through empowering previously excluded job seekers, giving them the opportunity instead to help build thriving communities.

For those who are not familiar with the model, Open Hiring is a radical approach to hiring developed over 37 years ago by Greyston Founder Bernie Glassman, that seeks to fill jobs without judging applicants or asking any questions, thereby creating opportunities for those who have been kept out of the workforce for various reasons. These groups include women, men, people of color, people of all faiths and sexual orientations, immigrants and refugees, those living in poverty or who have spent time in prison, and anyone else who has faced barriers to employment.

“When organizations practice Open Hiring” cited Mike Brady during the discussion “they upend traditional hiring practices by shifting the focus from spending money to screen people out to investing those same funds to support employee success.”

We thank our co-presenters CleanCraft and St John’s Riverside Hospital for sharing their experience of bringing Open Hiring into their businesses and for their invaluable insights, and our sponsors who made this event possible, including The City of Yonkers, The Business Council of Westchester, and the Yonkers Riverfront Library.