The Early Learning Center that Cares for its Community

Date: Nov 20, 2015 By: Camryn Hellwarth


A long hallway mural leads to an even longer line of strollers that are parked beside a play structure sitting in the sun. Welcome to the Greyston Early Learning Center.

But this no ordinary Early Learning Center; this is a Learning Center that serves the needs of the Yonkers community.

“We are providing child care at a below market cost because of our population,” explains Carol Robinson, Director of Education at the Early Learning Center; “General fees are kept at the subsidy reimbursement rate.”

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The Greyston Early Learning Center prioritizes the well being of the community by providing their services to Yonkers residents who may otherwise not be able to afford child care. After just five months as Director, Carol is already able to see the impact this resource has on the parents in Yonkers: “by having child care services, they’re able to work and go to school . . . to make something of their lives.”

Greyston’s drive to support self-sufficiency among the Yonkers population is what first attracted Carol to the Early Learning Center.

“I was impressed with the mission, and I saw it as an opportunity to help low-income families.”

Now in charge of structuring class curriculums, maintaining licensing compliance, and supervising a team of employees, Carol is working to expand the capabilities of the Early Learning Center and further the resources that it has to offer.

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With full day education services for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, the Greyston Early Learning Center focuses on creating curriculums that lead to social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

“We’re not providing babysitting services . . . we’re providing an early education service,” says Carol.

By using a creative curriculum framework, an emphasis is placed on both the social and emotional aspects of learning. At the Greyston Early Learning Center, it’s not just the physical layout of the classroom that is designed to better the learning process; social interactions between children and the structure of the curriculum are also considered when planning the education programs.


Already at full capacity for both the infant and toddler classes, Carol sees a great need in the community for expansion of the Early Learning Center. With future growth, she also hopes to see the addition of enrichment programs. First up on her wish list are classes such as toddler and preschool yoga, as well as mindfulness and meditation classes. The implementation of these programs would be aimed at helping children to better self-regulate their behavior.

When it comes to caring for the community, the Greyston Early Learning Center goes above and beyond to empower the families of Yonkers.

“We’re here!” says Carol. And they’re here to help.