Open Hiring ™ is a model that is scalable, replicable and garnering attention from business leaders and influencers who recognize that embracing more inclusive and just business practices can create profound impact for individuals, families and their communities.

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What People Are Saying About Open Hiring


“Having access to a job – like having access to a quality education – revitalizes local economies and lifts entire communities out of poverty. Greyston’s open hiring model offers a concrete solution to employment barriers and generates a ripple effect of hope, imagination and opportunity that ultimately results in thriving communities. The time is now for Open hiring.”

Geoffrey Canada, Founder & President, Harlem Children’s Zone


“Greyston is one model that effectively breaks the cycle of poverty…”

Susan Arbetter, PBS


“Greyston Bakery’s ability to tap into market forces to help its team and community in a sustainable way is an example of social entrepreneurship at its finest.”

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder & CEO of KIND, Inc.


“The City of Yonkers has a long history of innovation. From elevators to elevated rail lines to FM radio, great things have come out of Yonkers that have literally and figuratively changed the landscape of our world. Greyston’s Open Hiring Model is the latest in a long list of ways that Yonkers businesses change the world we live in for the better.”

Mike Spano, Mayor, City of Yonkers