The Center for Open Hiring is actively working with business executives, public policy advocates and other partners to facilitate the widespread adoption of Open Hiring ™ . Our work includes exploring Open Hiring’s impact on key urban issues and measuring the competitive business advantages of implementing the Open Hiring Model.

Measuring the Impact of Open Hiring

A team of researchers led by Kate Cooney, Lecturer in Social Enterprise and Management at Yale, in collaboration with Greyston developed a three-tiered Social Return on Investment (SROI) on Greyston’s Open Hiring Model.  The findings are the result of a year-long project conducted by Dr. Cooney to analyze the power of Greyston’s Open Hiring Model in delivering positive impact to a community.

Facilitating the adoption of Open Hiring

A globally recognized brand sought to adjust its HR approach to better fit with its core values and vision, as well as to address spot labor shortages, attract additional millennial attention and talent, and further raise barriers to entry for new players in competitive markets. Greyston is actively supporting this major initiative at all levels from CEO coaching to production-floor employee swaps in addition to trouble-shooting, sharing tools, and providing 1:1 advisory services.

Open Hiring as a competitive advantage

Engaging investors, public policy advocates and business and insurance industry executives, Greyston provided insight and foresight in a strategically designed and facilitated roundtable convening developed to provoke and support expanded thinking around alternatives to traditional hiring practices as a key to long-term business success.

Systems Approaches that Work

In partnership with nationally recognized public policy organizations, Greyston convened local stakeholders to look across urban issues – from poverty to drugs – to identify how business innovations such as Open Hiring can be critical leverage points in the development of healthy and thriving communities. This work continues and is inspiring new initiatives that will model and test specific mechanisms to drive change in urban areas of the Northeast.