The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston

Offering research insights, collaborative learning, practical tools and consulting support for early adopters, The Center facilitates the widespread adoption of Open Hiring™ as well as innovation in the delivery of community programs for employees and communities.

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Center for Open Hiring at Greyston

A pioneering social enterprise, Greyston practices Open Hiring in our world-class commercial bakery and advances the Model through the Center for Open Hiring at Greyston. A collaborative learning space that evaluates, improves and defines best practices, The Center facilitates the widespread adoption of Open Hiring and supports innovation in the delivery of Community Programs for employees and neighbors.

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What is open hiring?

By filling jobs without judging applicants or asking any questions, Open Hiring creates opportunities for individuals who have been excluded from the mainstream workforce. Complemented by community programs that provide employees and their neighbors with additional services that help people keep a job, Open Hiring provides people with the opportunity to experience the dignity of work and improve their lives and their community.


Practicing Inclusion

Our Open Hiring Model creates opportunities for everyone: women, men, people of color, people of all faiths and sexual orientations, immigrants and refugees, economically disadvantaged and formerly incarcerated individuals, and all others who may have been excluded or blocked from contributing to the health and strength of our society.

Become an early adopter

Open Hiring has the potential to change the world – one job, one person, one company and one community at a time. Be that company and join other progressive businesses that have recognized how Open Hiring can enhance their core values and strengthen their reputation with socially conscious employees and consumers. Contact us to explore how you can adopt Open Hiring at your company.

Become An Early Adopter

Open Hiring Works for Everyone

3.8 Million

Low-Skilled New Hires in Industries Suited for Open Hiring


Average Work Opportunity Tax Credit Awarded Per Qualified Employee


Total Estimated Savings for Society Per Open Hire

Measuring the Impact of Open Hiring

A team of researchers led by Kate Cooney, Lecturer in Social Enterprise and Management at Yale, in collaboration with Greyston developed a three-tiered Social Return on Investment (SROI) on Greyston’s Open Hiring Model.  The findings are the result of a year-long project conducted by Dr. Cooney to analyze the power of Greyston’s Open Hiring Model in delivering positive impact to a community.

Facilitating the adoption of Open Hiring

A globally recognized brand sought to adjust its HR approach to better fit with its core values and vision, as well as to address spot labor shortages, attract additional millennial attention and talent, and further raise barriers to entry for new players in competitive markets. Greyston is actively supporting this major initiative at all levels from CEO coaching to production-floor employee swaps in addition to trouble-shooting, sharing tools, and providing 1:1 advisory services.

Open Hiring as a competitive advantage

Engaging investors, public policy advocates and business and insurance industry executives, Greyston provided insight and foresight in a strategically designed and facilitated roundtable convening developed to provoke and support expanded thinking around alternatives to traditional hiring practices as a key to long-term business success.

Systems Approaches that Work

In partnership with nationally recognized public policy organizations, Greyston convened local stakeholders to look across urban issues – from poverty to drugs – to identify how business innovations such as Open Hiring can be critical leverage points in the development of healthy and thriving communities. This work continues and is inspiring new initiatives that will model and test specific mechanisms to drive change in urban areas of the Northeast.

Three Pathways for Learning and Innovation

Research and Programs
Research and Programs

Research and publish the first handbooks on disruptive innovations in human capital management, new financial models for hybrid enterprises, purpose-driven businesses, and the intersection of business innovation and social inclusion.

Education and Training
Education and Training

Provide executive education, immersion classes, employee swaps and roundtable dialogues to engage business executives, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, policy advocates, scholars, thought leaders and mindfulness practitioners.

Resources and Advisory Services
Resources and Advisory Services

Create best practice guidelines for the implementation of the Open Hiring Model. Provide feasibility and readiness assessments, facilitate stakeholder engagement, design pilot programs, and provide comprehensive consulting support services to adopters of Open Hiring.

additional areas of focus

We will work with companies interested in engaging directly with Greyston, and through a network of advisory, academic and corporate partners, who will integrate and validate the concepts of the Open Hiring Model into their business activities and research. The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston will lead the movement to make inclusive hiring practices commonplace in all organizations, and will be a thought leader and partner to the inclusive economy ecosystem.

In addition to the services provided to those looking to implement Open Hiring, Greyston will continue to be a leader in the world of social enterprise and through The Center will work to advance the adoption of Open Hiring through a variety of activities including:

Development of new financial models to support mission-driven, hybrid organizations.

Influence public policy engagement to create a level playing field for benefit corporations.

Design of social return on investment (SROI) vehicles that bring transparency and rigor to measuring impact.

Leveraging purchasing power of global supply chains to support Open Hiring.

Aligning with business schools to prepare new leaders ready to manage for social, financial and environmental success.

Advancing our thinking about equity, inclusion and the role of business in society.

a day at the Center for Open Hiring at Greyston

At The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston a typical day can include:

  • A team of executives participating in an Immersive Human Capital Strategy Session discussing their future workforce initiatives;
  • A group of university researchers touring the bakery to see Open Hiring “in action” as part of their research on multigenerational employment models;
  • Greyston’s Care Coordinator and Director of Workforce Development discussing how to effectively collect data and measure outcomes for a new element of Greyston’s PathMaking Programs to address the needs of team members entering the workforce for the first time;
  • An organizational design consulting firm interviewing the Greyston team members to develop a survey around effective retention practices, which will feed into an MBA curriculum on “the trust economy”;
  • The HR Department from a partner organization holding a corporate retreat at Greyston and using social innovation as the backdrop for their 3-year strategic planning session.

What People Are Saying About Open Hiring


“Having access to a job – like having access to a quality education – revitalizes local economies and lifts entire communities out of poverty. Greyston’s open hiring model offers a concrete solution to employment barriers and generates a ripple effect of hope, imagination and opportunity that ultimately results in thriving communities. The time is now for Open hiring.”

Geoffrey Canada, Founder & President, Harlem Children’s Zone


“Greyston is one model that effectively breaks the cycle of poverty…”

Susan Arbetter, PBS


“Greyston Bakery’s ability to tap into market forces to help its team and community in a sustainable way is an example of social entrepreneurship at its finest.”

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder & CEO of KIND, Inc.


“The City of Yonkers has a long history of innovation. From elevators to elevated rail lines to FM radio, great things have come out of Yonkers that have literally and figuratively changed the landscape of our world. Greyston’s Open Hiring Model is the latest in a long list of ways that Yonkers businesses change the world we live in for the better.”

Mike Spano, Mayor, City of Yonkers