The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston Sight Visit

July 20, 2018 Posted under Events

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and Greyston are partnering to provide an exclusive opportunity for 25 members of the Conscious Capitalism community to learn first-hand how Open Hiring™ elevates humanity and business.

Join executives and thought leaders from the Conscious Capitalism community at The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston for a 2 day “Sight” Visit that includes the opportunity to tour Greyston Bakery, meet with employees, and engage with both Greyston and Conscious Capitalism leaders to discuss the future of business and how to apply conscious business principles, such as Open Hiring, at your company.

Greyston Bakery pioneered an Open Hiring approach that fills jobs without judging applicants or asking questions, creating opportunities for individuals who have been excluded from the mainstream workforce. Complemented by community programs that provide employees and their neighbors with additional services that help people keep a job, Open Hiring provides people with the opportunity to experience the dignity of work and improve their lives and their community. Through Mike Brady’s leadership, The Center for Open Hiring offers research insights, collaborative learning, practical tools and consulting support for early adopters. The Center facilitates the widespread adoption of Open Hiring as well as innovation in the delivery of community programs for employees and communities.

Located 30 minutes from Grand Central Station, our program will begin mid-morning on Thursday, September, 13 and accomodate departures in the evening on Friday, September 14.

Why Attend? 

Join us to gain insight into some of today’s toughest workforce challenges such as: developing the talent pipeline; Diversity, Inclusion & Equity strategies; social impact through business practices; talent acquisition and hiring innovations.

  • See Open Hiring in practice and talk with the Greyston team about how the theory translates into reality.
  • Develop new ideas for how to create a more inclusive environment in your business.
  • Build relationships with business leaders from across the world who share a similar worldview.
  • Contribute to a visionary dialogue on how leaders can broaden their understanding of conscious purpose for capitalism.

Sessions to Include

  • Conscious Capitalism as a Business Profit Strategy
  • Elevating Humanity Through Open Hiring
  • Greyston Bakery Tour & Debrief with Greyston Team Members
  • Interactive Workshop on How To Implement Open Hiring
  • Open Call for Best Practices fo Innovative Human Resources & Talent Management
  • Interactive Workshop on How To Incorporate Conscious Business Practices
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