Shawna’s Story

PathMaking a Family Life

I am a single mom of five children. My oldest child was born prematurely at 24 weeks, has cerebral palsy, and is deaf. I went on bed rest during my second child and never got to return to the workplace. My oldest son needed my care and required many visits to doctors and specialists. At the time, I was responsible for five children with no financial support. This forced me to look for night shift work – something that was very difficult for me to find.

At every interview, I was told that I needed experience or specific training. I tried to make ends meet by doing hair and babysitting but just could not keep up. I had received some government assistance but most assistance programs require ‘some’ work and I just was not able to find a job that fit my hectic schedule. Things got stressful and I became depressed and overwhelmed. I felt trapped with no options but to consider giving my children up. It was an unthinkable idea, something I never thought I would ever have to consider but I was out of options. This is when I found Greyston.

Open Hiring at the bakery sounded too good to be true after all the rejection I had faced. I went to the bakery expecting to go through the same process of completing an application to learn I needed experience, training, or that there was only day shift work available. None of that. I was simply instructed to put my name on a list and that I would receive a call when an opening was available. I have to admit, I didn’t think I would ever hear from Greyston, but just when I hit my lowest, that call came in. I had a job – no questions asked, on the night shift.

Greyston saved my entire family. I have never been as grateful to anyone as I am to the people at Greyston. I feel like a new person: good about myself and my future. I have time to spend with my children and am no longer depressed and can enjoy our time as a family. In fact, my oldest son just graduated from high school. It was a long road but he is in college now and my job has helped make that possible. Best of all, my kids are proud of me and I can really be the example to them that I have always wanted and tried to be. Thank you, Greyston.