I’m a single parent and I got caught up in some things that I shouldn’t of got caught up in and I don’t really share this with anybody but I did some time in prison, unfortunately. And when you do time in prison – not jail, prison. You have a record. Not extensive, but it’s highlighted. So I had all different types of doors slamming in my face.

I got hired full-time for a high-end, retail jewelry sales position. It was an on-the-spot interview. The manager said “Sell me my watch” and I sold this manager her own watch. She said, “I like you. I’m going to hire you.” I went home and they did a background check. I got a letter in the mail with a copy of my rap sheet and I cried. I was heartbroken. As a single mother you have a lot of responsibility and when you come home from prison. Not a lot of making up to do, but just a lot to do. Housing, food, getting the kids home, furniture, taking care of yourself…

Greyston called me and they never asked any questions about the trouble I got into, they didn’t ask for a resume or a background check. Greyston was giving me this chance to show what I had to offer and that with good work comes great rewards. Greyston gave me a chance and here I am. Within my first year, I’ve been promoted to Quality Assurance Technologist. At first I wasn’t sure that anyone even saw me here, but then they came to me and said “We see you. We have a promotion for you. Are you willing to take it?” And I said, “Absolutely.”

Beyond the bakery, Greyston’s empowered me to continue college where I’m on track to becoming a certified Substance Abuse Counselor. Greyston helps with an extra day off a week for school and I’m able to finish my internship in the morning before coming into the bakery. Despite my past, I was able to transform my life, and my children’s lives. And through the future of my work as a Counselor, I know I’m going to help transform many more lives.