Serving Up More than Ice Cream for 25 Years

Date: Jun 02, 2015 By: greystonbakery


Greyston Bakery and Ben & Jerry’s have created pure magic and joy in the form of ice cream for 25 years! This month, we are celebrating the partnership and the beauty of Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Half-Baked and the limited edition Peanut Butter Half Baked™ on our 25th Anniversary and we want you to join!

3B8B4858In the late 1980s, Bernie Glassman, founder of Greyston Bakery, met Ben Cohen at a social innovation conference. The two visionaries instantly realized how closely their values aligned and decided to work together in creating what has become one of Ben & Jerry’s most enduring flavors- Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Today, Greyston produces about 30,000 pounds of brownies a day to be mixed into your favorite ice cream flavors.

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This partnership has played a critical role in the growth and success of Greyston’s mission, enabling us to provide hundreds of jobs to folks affected by poverty and to inspire change in our community of downtown Yonkers. Ben & Jerry’s and Greyston, both B. Corporations, continue to share similar values, prioritizing people over profit.  To celebrate 25 years of baking change through unbelievably delicious ice cream, Greyston is committing to 25 Acts of Service throughout the month of June. We will be sharing these moments to inspire other members of our community to join us in our quest to take action and address issues of inequality.

climatemarchWe proudly serve our community in a range of different ways that we simply can’t wait to share with you. AND, we would love if you would join us. Tell us what you’re passionate about, and what you are doing to make a difference. Because we are feeling overjoyed to be celebrating this anniversary and honored to be amongst such dedicated, active fans, we will end the month with a giveaway! Anytime you’re out helping a community member, volunteering at a shelter, donating food to a bank or doing any of the millions of amazing things we know you do (big or small-they all matter), take a picture and share it with us. We will enter you in a chance to win a special giveaway!


To an amazing month eating loads of ice cream and sharing small deeds that make all the difference!