Sephora’s “Classes for Confidence” Support and Inspire the Ladies of Greyston

Date: Jul 11, 2016 By: Alexandra Romano




At Greyston, we work every day to ensure people are set up to succeed in the workforce and in the community. When Sephora, the leading beauty retailer, invited Greyston’s Workforce Development and Youth Workforce Development programs to spend the morning learning how to apply professional makeup, we jumped at the opportunity.


Aside from selling make up, Sephora also transforms communities by offering “Classes for Confidence.” This is a series of specialized in-store complementary classes designed for women facing major life transitions who plan to re-enter the workforce. The “Classes for Confidence” also inspire Sephora’s employees to give back to their communities. The program is being piloted in six U.S. states with the goal that by 2020, Sephora will inspire confidence in 100,000 women.


Greyston’s Workforce Development program participants have been hard at work taking classes, building resumes and applying to jobs- all of which can be trying. They were thrilled to take a ‘break’ and participate in Sephora’s Classes for Confidence. The day was filled with lessons on everything from skin care basics to the latest makeup trends. Sephora employees demonstrated how to apply the makeup, giving the women tips according to their unique features. By enhancing their natural beauty with make up, these women can now create a look they feel good in that is also appropriate in any professional setting.

After taking the class, the women each used a $25 gift card provided by Greyston to purchase some of their favorite items. Each and every one left the room feeling confident and excited to continue their job searches.

We admire Sephora’s hard work in uplifting women who have struggled to fulfill their personal goals and we are grateful that we were able to participate in this class. Thank you, Sephora!