A job represents more than a weekly paycheck. It’s an investment with many returns.

Radical inclusion changes lives and the world.

Families, communities, and neighborhoods benefit when people can contribute to society through work.

People who can’t get work are more likely to depend on social welfare and unemployment benefits. These people have lower self-worth and are more prone to depression and other health problems. This affects the stability of families and communities and contributes to multi-generational cycles of poverty and despair.


  • 5.4M Million cannot find a job in the United States
  • $30K Annual cost of imprisonment in the United States
  • $4K Saved per individual hire through Open Hiring

Maximizing employment is the key to every country’s economic growth and well-being. An estimated 5.4 million people cannot find a job in the United States. That represents a huge loss in productivity and tax revenue.

Greyston’s Open Hiring Model has proven successful in its home community of southwest Yonkers, New York. Think of what our world would look like and could achieve if every company found just one job that could be filled through Open Hiring.

"Having access to a job—like having access to a quality education—revitalizes local economies and lifts entire communities out of poverty. The time is now for Open Hiring."

—Geoffrey Canada, Harlem Children’s Zone

One of the largest groups facing barriers to employment in Yonkers, NY is the formerly incarcerated. Most employers won’t even consider someone who has spent time in prison. Getting a job plays a big role in being able to steer clear of crime and a return to jail. It opens up new opportunities and empowers the individual to move beyond mistakes of the past. The annual cost of imprisonment at the federal or state level in the United States is more than $30,000.

Your Support Can Change Lives and Our World

We all deserve a fair chance. Help us make change through Open Hiring.