Open Hiring can solve today’s business challenges.

Recruitment, Screening, and Retention Costs

Consider the cost of trying to find the right employee for the job:

  • Organizations in the U.S. spend on average about $4,000 per hire. The costs of attracting applicants, background checks, and interviewing processes add up. Even with these steps, finding the right hire is not guaranteed.
  • While the annual employee turnover rate in similar industries ranges from 30-70%, for full-time Greyston bakers it is just 12%.

Tight Labor Market

Companies are overlooking a group of individuals who are eager to fill entry-level positions:

  • Unemployment levels in the U.S. and other markets are at a record low making it harder to fill vacancies, especially entry-level positions. Yet millions of people are not being tapped for employment because of a lack of skills or criminal history.
  • Discounting the formerly incarcerated and other marginalized groups buys into myths that hurt the corporate bottom line. Studies suggest that ex-offenders perform just as well as those without convictions, are no more likely to be fired, and tend to stay in positions longer.

176 Individuals Employed through Open Hiring.

Demand for Corporate Social Responsibility

Today’s businesses need to pay attention to more than the financial bottom line. Customers are demanding it:

  • Various studies show that the public, especially the millennial consumer, wants companies that contribute to the well-being of society and are more likely to buy their products and services.
  • Workforce trends indicate that employees are attracted to companies with a social impact. This trend is notably strong for millennial workers.

Greyston Bakery proves Open Hiring works.

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