It’s Never too Early to ‘Namaste’

Date: Aug 02, 2016 By: greystonbakery


Did you know Greyston is about way more than providing jobs and baking brownies? We offer a range programs that run the gamut to ensure people succeed in the workplace and thrive in the community. One such program is our Early Learning Center, which offers high quality early education to the community.

Yoga Class Pre School

At Greyston’s Early Learning Center, we’re preparing our children to be lifelong, well-rounded learners and leaders.  That’s why our curriculum includes a mindfulness component, creating self-awareness by practicing mind-body connection. After stretching their brains working on math problems and reading comprehension, our students stretch their bodies in a Yoga class, a technique proven to create balance in a child’s energetic day.  Most recently, yoga and meditation teacher, Christina Beltran, hosted a series of workshops for the children of the program to learn the importance of patience and self control. Christina notes that she sees “significant improvement in the children’s social and emotional behavior.” By teaching yoga and mediation, the Learning Center is promoting stress coping mechanisms early on in a child’s life.

Yoga Class Pre School 2

We are thrilled to see our children grow, flourish and explore. Want to learn more about the pioneering curriculum at Greyston? Connect with us!

Yoga Class Pre School3