Moving Forward One Foot at a Time

Date: Apr 24, 2015 By: Cliff Mitchell


Blog Written by Cliff Mitchell, Bakery Team + Marketing Intern

Dear Kerry,

Just wanted to share a little about me. I’m a father of six- three boys and three girls whom I love so much. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work for Greyston Bakery, and I, like a lot of people, went through many ups and downs before I started working here.

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Working with the people at Greyston has helped make me a better person. I remember times when I was always angry, sad, or very impatient doing things for fast money that hurt other people and myself, even though I knew karma would come to collect. Over the years, I’ve learned to handle many different situations with patience. The fast paced working environment is a challenge, but has strengthened my character. I know that I can handle a lot now and I am proud of that. I am truly thankful to Greyston for giving me the opportunity to be part of a movement to help others in the community. I am really looking forward to what my future holds.

Now that I am proud of who I’ve become, I know that I have words of wisdom to share with people who are in the situation I used to be in. My advice to others is to stay focused. Don’t get distracted by things that don’t matter.  Choose your friends wisely because when you surround yourself with good people and good thoughts, good things will come your way.

Always practice patience.  Know when to humble yourself and you will be rewarded as a better person. Finally, always try to make the community a better place for all and you will be a truly happy person.