How Two Business Leaders are Changing the World with Open Hiring

Date: Oct 05, 2017 By: greystonbakery

Greyston has been baking brownies for 35 years and not one employee working on the production floor was interviewed before being offered a position in this world-class bakery. We are proud that Greyston now bakes 35,000 lbs. of brownies every day for Ben & Jerry’s using the pioneering practice of Open Hiring.

At Greyston, everyone contributes, regardless of his or her past. Everyone working on the production floor of Greyston’s bakery is employed through the transformative Open Hiring™ Model. Any person who wants a job at the bakery is offered the opportunity to experience the dignity of work – no questions asked. Greyston hires without background checks, applications, interviews, references, or resumes.

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