Greyston’s Rangers Program is a community beautification & transitional workforce initiative. This program serves our community members in Yonkers, veterans and seniors through the Open Hiring Model.

We provide transitional employment, job preparedness and permanent job placement to individuals recently released from prison with a goal to reduce recidivism through skill development and mentor-ship.

How it works

After a one-week life skills training, the Apprentice enters the Apprenticeship program where they apply their newly acquired skill set to an actual job. Apprentices are also paired up with a Ranger Mentor for one month, while meeting with our job developer Paulette Jarrett, who places them in jobs with an outside party following the completion of their month training. Every new month a new batch of Apprentices join the team. Our first year was highly successful, and we have since gained funding to double the amount of Apprentices that come through our program for 2019.

The Rangers Program is sponsored by the City of Yonkers & WDI.