Greyston Ranger Training

December 18, 2018 Posted under Community

On December 4 we held a mentor-ship training for our Greyston Rangers, led by Alan Ellis, LMSW from Mentoring Concepts. The training was built so our 6 core Rangers could learn and understand what they need to know in order to become effective mentors for our re-entry apprentices. Another objective was for the Rangers to better understand and navigate emotion-driven speech and behaviors in preparing apprentices for successful re-entry into society and the workforce. A follow-up session was also held on December 18 where feedback and discussion was given by Greyston Rangers regarding how they are implementing what they learned and any observations they made during the 2 week interim period. The training addressed various topics such as:

  •    Developing Mentor-Mentee relationships through mutual respect
  •    Supportive vs co-dependent relationships; what it is/isn’t
  •    Self-care tips to recognize and avoid transference issues
  •    Understanding the impact of trauma
  •    Effective psychological integration
  •    Stress and anxiety management
  •    Work/Life balance

The Rangers were grateful for the opportunity to share details of the challenges they face and the ways in which they had addressed them up to that point.  Their delight and dedication to their role as mentors was overwhelmingly obvious. They were receptive to the suggestions of the facilitator who empowered them to ask for support from the office staff when needed. During the follow-up session we received feedback from the Rangers that the trauma suffered by the apprentices while incarcerated needs to be addressed once they enter the program beyond the Ready Set Work (RSW) training. Furthermore, we deduced that we should avoid using the term “mentor” and find another more appropriate term that will not come across as demeaning to the apprentices; while still fully maintaining all the necessary aspects of both Life and On-the-Job coaching. A request was also made to have a therapeutic resource for the apprentices to meet them where they are. A dedicated or expanded Care Coordinator role could provide a potential solution. Ongoing quarterly training for the Rangers are being scheduled for 2019.