Greyston honors 94 training and apprenticeship graduates

December 6, 2018 Posted under Community

On Thursday, December 6, Greyston social enterprise celebrated 78 Workforce Development graduates and 16 Bakery apprentices on the completion of their training programs at a ceremony in Castle Royale, Yonkers, NY.

Greyston’s Workforce Development training and Bakery apprenticeships provide opportunities and jobs to everyone – refugees, immigrants, the formerly incarcerated, veterans, those with limited educations and others who face barriers to employment, no questions asked.

Workforce Development trainees receive free skills training taught by experts, including job interview techniques and financial management. The program gives graduates the knowledge and skills to become financially self-sufficient through gaining and retaining jobs and all participants leave with a nationally recognized credential. Previous graduates have gone on to work in culinary arts, security and construction, as well as becoming supervisors at Greyston Bakery.

This year, all Bakery apprentices and Workforce Development graduates fall below the poverty line and come from the surrounding area of Yonkers. None of the trainees own a house or can afford to pay for college tuition, and many did not successfully complete their secondary education. Now this class of 94 men and women, spanning a wide age range and diverse ethnic backgrounds, has the opportunity to support not only themselves and their families, but to positively influence their communities.