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Support Greyston’s work through the gift of your time. We offer volunteer opportunities for individuals and corporate groups. Help out in our Community Gardens program or guide our bakers and Workforce Development trainees through mock interviews and resume preparation. Let us know if you have your own idea about how you can contribute. We can also customize experiences for your company’s corporate social responsibility activities and events.

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Support an intern

Tap into a pool of dedicated, hardworking employees through our internship program. While you test the abilities of a potential new hire, our employees get to learn new skills beyond the bakery.

Sponsor companies pay Greyston the equivalent of the employee’s salary during a 6 – 8-week internship. Our internship coordinator will ensure everyone involved has a positive experience and we’ll help with arrangements if you would like to make the intern a permanent employee. Otherwise, the intern will return to their position at the bakery.

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Hire our graduates

The graduates from our Workforce Development program have training from experts in their field and are ready for entry-level employment. Each graduate has nationally recognized credentials upon completing training in the following positions:

  • Licensed Security Guards
  • ServSafe Certified Culinary Arts Personnel
  • OSHA Construction Certified Workers
  • Certified Flaggers
  • Elevated Scaffolding Certified Workers
  • CPR, AED and First Aid Certified Candidates
  • Certified Home Health Aides

Our graduates are trained to be employees who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Show effort at work
  • Follow the instructions of their supervisor
  • Present themselves in a professional manner
  • Are punctual and dependable
  • Get along with co-workers

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