Five Things I Learned in Five Months at Greyston

Date: Apr 06, 2016 By: greystonbakery

Blog Post Written by Kathleen Torres

When I first joined Greyston as the Executive Assistant to Mike Brady, Paco Lugovina a long time Board Member, suggested I write down my thoughts about working here. Below are just a few take aways from working at this amazing place.

  1. It is ok to cry at work. Most appreciated, of course, are tears of joy. Dion, our super spokesman, who moved up the ranks from apprentice and now is trainer and has his sights set on supervisor also has this habit of busting up crying! He admits he takes a lot heat from the boys on the line for breaking down. One morning before work, I was looking through the Greyston website and came upon one of his videos. His tearful rendition of life on the streets and how he got a second chance at Greyston Bakery moved me beyond tears.


  1. When you work with Mike Brady you’d better bring your “A” game. Think big, act right, it’s a good start and when you get a chance to work with the big boss you’d better be prepared. I have started eating breakfast, taking my vitamins, joined a gym, and even meditate, ok just for 5 minutes every morning. Even Mike agrees you got to start somewhere. My goal: Try to keep up with Mr. Brady.


  1. Greyston Bakers didn’t just have an Employee Appreciation Day; they had an Employee Appreciation Week. Like most things at Greyston, it’s go big or go home. We appreciate big! Ben & Jerry ice cream truck showed up one day, a baseball cap given another day, daily inspirational emails, and more.

Appreciation Week

  1. SW Yonkers is on the rise, changing by leaps and bounds. And Greyston Bakery is part of the whole scene. We are taking it to the next level. Greyston Bakery is preparing to take Open Hiring national. Open Hiring, a concept developed at Greyston Bakery, is that anyone can walk into the Bakery and put their name on a list. When a position opens up, the next person on the list gets a job, no questions asked!


  1. Mission — How can you not get behind a company that has as one of its slogans, “Eat more Brownies, Change More Lives.” Sound exciting, want to be part of this big adventure? It can be as simple as buying some brownies. Or making a donation. Just go to www.greyston.org!


I am happy to be part of this great (and delicious) adventure.