Fair Trade Ingredients: Another Reason to Enjoy a Greyston Brownie

Date: Dec 02, 2014 By: greystonbakery


Did you know we use Fair Trade chocolate, sugar and vanilla in all of our baked goods?


People are everything at Greyston Bakery, which is why we consider the impact our brownies have on individuals beyond the walls of the bakery. We are interested in using the finest ingredients. Even more important to us, though, is that the people who produce those ingredients are provided a fair wage. Small-scale farmers, particularly those cultivating cocoa, have traditionally been highly marginalized, paid meager wages not representative of their hard work. Fair trade production ensures the farmers receive a just wage. The good news doesn’t end there, though. Fair trade products have been produced in safe and decent working conditions and in such a way that encourages environmental preservation.IMG_8509

We know that businesses and consumers have strayed too far from the origins of their food. We should be cognizant of where and how our food was sourced. By supporting companies and organizations that value transparency, equity and sustainability, we can begin to chip away at the industrialized system that allows exploitation by completely separating the consumer from the producer.3B8B4196

We see first-hand the impact conscious sustainable businesses can have on our local community, Yonkers. Why should that positive change end in Yonkers? By purchasing ingredients from other conscious, sustainable businesses, we increase the reach of our holistic, people-centered mission to empower individuals and end poverty. And we are constantly working to further expand our impact.


When you’re eating a Greyston Bakery Brownie today, smile knowing that deliciously sweet treat was produced fairly!