Let’s Work Together!

Every single volunteer effort helps support our Open Hiring® Model and deliver vital programs and services to our community. 

By supporting Greyston through one of our Corporate Volunteer opportunities, you’re opening new doors to unique team-building activities that are centered around values of inclusivity and human capital innovation. Each volunteer engagement delivers a multi-faceted and interactive experience. 

A Corporate Volunteer Experience with Greyston Delivers Many Benefits: 



  • Engage with Greyston’s unique clientele​ and staff 
  • Helps to better understand and incorporate Open Hiring principles​ into your business 
  • Enhances teamwork and collaboration, resulting in increased productivity while also directly affecting positive social change​ 
  • Demonstrates your commitment of giving all members of society a fair chance to work 
  • Helps expand Greyston’s work locally, nationally, and globally​ 
  • Delivers a lasting and meaningful contribution to the local community 
  • Enhances your company’s image as a good corporate citizen 
  • Elevates employee and client pride, which can improve recruitment, morale and sales 
  • Provides employees with a fun and rewarding experience 
  • Bridges the gap between business and communities 
  • Addresses real community needs…makes an impact! 

Volunteer Engagements 

Let us create custom experiences tailored to your organization’s goals and needs. 

Mock Interviews

Greyston Social EnterpriseGreyston’s Workforce Development program provides intensive training in the soft and hard-skills of labor to community members so they can get and keep a job. Our Mock Interview program is offered to these participants right before they enter the professional world, and prepares them to be successful in upcoming job interviews. ​

As corporate participants in Greyston’s Mock Interview program, your employees will spend a block of time helping Greyston apprentices and clients as they prepare to enter into the labor market. Corporate employees will assist with: ​

  • Resume and cover letter construction​ 
  • Filling out online job applications​ 
  • Conducting mock interviews, with a special focus on crafting responses to questions about time spent incarcerated, employment gaps and English language deficiencies ​ 

​Mock Interview events can be scheduled towards the end of each quarter with flexible dates. Volunteers are given a brief tutorial by a Greyston HR representative before-hand so they are prepared, and are equipped with how-to documents so they can properly guide the apprentice/client. ​ 

Community Gardens

Greyston Social Enterprise Community Gardens Yonkers NYGreyston’s Community Gardens program teaches participants of all ages to grow and enjoy fresh produce while also participating in workshops on nutrition, sustainability, culture and environmental education. Our 12 Gardens harvest and share more than 14 tons of organic produce and engage over 1,000 individuals each year. ​ As corporate participants in Greyston’s Community Gardens program, your employees will spend a block of time helping to beautify one or more of our garden plots.   

During a Typical Garden Project, Corporate volunteers will assist with: ​ 

  • Planting flowers/vegetables​ 
  • Assisting garden members with their garden beds or improving garden areas throughout the Greyston Foundation campus 
  • Art work projects/poetry or education​ 
  • Collecting trash​ 
  • Helping to turn compost piles​ 
  • Building/fixing garden beds​ 
  • Moving soil to fill in garden beds​ 
  • Pulling weeds​ 
  • Moving garden beds to various locations ​ 

Garden Volunteer events can be scheduled at any time with flexible dates. Volunteers are given a brief tutorial by the Community Gardens Program Director on the day of their event to help orient them to the projects. 

Customized Immersive Learning on Open Hiring

We offer a customized immersive learning experience focused on the Open Hiring model that can take the form of a one or two-day session that includes a tour of our world class bakery, a “Fireside Chat” with Greyston CEO Mike Brady, and an intimate Q&A with our bakers.  



Some take-aways include: 

  • Unconscious bias-awareness training​ 
  • Overview of the inclusive hiring market​ 
  • Close examination of the Open Hiring Model​ 
  • Tour of Greyston Bakery​
  • Inclusive hiring workshop strategy session​ 
  • Implementation strategy 

“Corporate giving and volunteer programs increase employee retention and corporate culture, influence positive brand perception, and help the bottom line – all while giving back.”

—Jenifer Ross

Other Ways to Support Greyston, our Bakers, and our Community Programs

  • Donate clothing/shoes/accessories for our Interview Wardrobe and help our WD Grads look sharp when they meet with HR – We always have a running list and welcome all items!
  • Make Vision Boards with our Bakers and Rangers, helping them to channel their dreams and aspirations in new ways and actualize their vision – Dreams do come true!
  • Sponsor a Summer BBQ for our Youth program graduates where your team provides the food, operates the grills, and participates in outdoor games and activities.

Please contact Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jenifer Ross, to start planning your Corporate Volunteer Experience. 

Jenifer Rossjeniferr@greyston.org | (914) 758-7926 Direct | (914) 261-1470 Cell