We’re Celebrating Prosperity! How About You?

Date: Feb 18, 2015 By: greystonbakery


Today marks the first day of Whole Planet Foundation’s Prosperity Campaign and Greyston Bakery couldn’t be more excited.

Gladis of Ghana MP

We pride ourselves on having a social and economic impact on our local community, Yonkers. In 2012, our dream of alleviating poverty expanded in impact through our partnership with Whole Planet Foundation. A portion of the sale of Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins, Brownies and Blondies sold through Whole Foods Market year round support Whole Planet Foundation in their journey to end poverty. Over the past few years, Greyston Bakery has donated over $32,000 to the incredible Whole Planet Foundation and we are just getting started!



Whole Planet Foundation, a private non-profit established by Whole Foods, provides grants to micro-finance institutions throughout the world so individuals have access to the tools they need to create businesses, escape poverty and gain self-sufficiency. The stories of those who benefit from microloans are inspiring. With the right resources, women and men found an incredible array of business: owning restaurants, selling agricultural products, supplying eggs and milk, marketing handmade goods and so forth! We recognize the power micro-loans have in fostering economic independence and sustainability and are honored that our Cookie Thins, Brownies and Blondies play a role, however small, in changing lives of the marginalized globally. The story of transformation, empowerment and job creation embedded in our delicious baked goods continue beyond Yonkers thanks to Whole Planet Foundation.


Whole Planet Foundation’s Prosperity Campaign runs through March 31. During this time, a fundraising goal of $5,000,000 beckons- an amount that has the power to provide 27,000 microloans to individuals in need.  Greyston Bakery is committed to helping reach this goal and transform the lives of those in impoverished communities. And you can help, too! When you purchase Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins or Brownies at Whole Foods Market, you are doing more than helping provide jobs to individuals with barriers to employment. You are participating in an inspiring communal effort to address income inequality in 61 countries! Join the campaign here.

How will you celebrate the power to change lives?