Businesses with Impact: Greyston and their Open Hiring Policy

Date: Oct 09, 2012 By: greystonbakery


Probably best known for its bakery — which produces the brownies in the famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Dave Matthews’ Magic Brownies, Half-Baked, and Neapolitan Dynamite — The Greyston Foundation is actually so much more. In fact, it is recognized as a pioneer in social enterprise.

The Greyston Foundation began in New York in 1982, when a Zen Buddhist meditation group opened a small bakery to support its students. The group owned a mansion in the Bronx and originally used the kitchen in the basement of this mansion to support the local zen community. Building on their success, it soon became apparent that they could help more than just their own community with their efforts; they could help the greater community.

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