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Based in Greyston’s founding principles, PathMaking is at the heart of Open Hiring. 

Based in our founding principles, PathMaking is at the heart of Open Hiring and Bernie’s legacy at Greyston.   

When Bernie started Greyston Bakery, he quickly understood that that employment was just one of the many unmet needs of the surrounding community.  Bernie was a pragmatic visionary and where he saw an unmet need, he envisioned a Greyston solution.  PathMaking is the philosophy that everyone is on their own path and Greyston’s role is to help illuminate the path and provide the support that gives individuals the greatest chance for success on the job, at home, and in our community. Bernie recognized that getting a job opportunity is a critical first step for an individual to change their life.  Remaining successful on the job means the entirety of someone’s circumstances must be considered and supported.   

This year, Greyston has established the Zen Master Bernie Glassman PathMaking Fund in Bernie’s honor.  The Fund will support the success of individuals on their Open Hiring journey by assisting with financial burdens not otherwise covered by new income, public support, or grants.  Honoring Bernie’s legacy, the Fund will provide resources to address needs such as:

  • Emergency rental assistance or deposits 
  • Rent or utilities in arrears  
  • Exam or application fees 
  • Medication/prescription costs 
  • Drug or mental health treatment 
  • GED/TASC prep classes 
  • College test prep classes 
  • Training and licensing fees 
  • Uniform needs, work boots and shoes 
  • Transportation costs 
  • Childcare costs 
  • Upscaling job training classes 
  • Emergency food 
  • Laundry costs 
  • Debt payments