An Open Letter to My Brooke

Date: May 06, 2015 By: greystonbakery


Blog Written by Dion Drew, Lead Trainer

Dear Brooke,

I just wanted to tell you a few things that you might not understand right now. I want to try and explain this crazy world. First, you should know a little about my life. There were ups and downs. I never finished school. I sold drugs for a living- all things I am not proud of. I am proud now that I have overcome these struggles and that I am a caring man. I hope you see these traits and that you are proud too.Dion_26x26

Life can be very hard if you let it be. That’s why you have to listen to mommy and daddy, stay in school and study extra hard. I know you are going to learn amazing things and have many opportunities.

Remember to always be patient with yourself and with others. This makes every day and every problem easier. Show love and care to everyone you meet. And, be strong, because people will try to bring you down and break your kindness. I know you won’t let them.

Brooke, I will always take care of you. I will always love you, listen to you and hold you. If I push and try to encourage you, remember that I love you and I want you to be the best person I know you can be. Strive to be amazing at whatever makes you happy and always remember whenever you feel alone, you’re a Drew and you were brought on this earth to shine.

Love you,