An Open Letter To A Friend

Date: May 27, 2015 By: Cliff Mitchell


Letter shared by Gary, written in Blog Form By Cliff Mitchell, Bakery Team + Marketing Intern

Dear Cliff,

I have worked at Greyston Bakery for about four months and am very grateful for the opportunity, as it has given me a real sense of responsibility and purpose. I’ve gone through many hardships and made some poor decisions. But I am hopeful, now more than ever, for a new start. I know that I can begin to rebuild and I am so excited for that.

Gary2I have learned a lot of things over the years and am really putting these lessons into practice. I know that I should never let anything prevent me from achieving my goals.  I hope I can inspire you and others to see how important this is as well. It’s easy to get sidetracked and forget what is important to you, but remembering your ultimate goal makes all the difference. Stay your course.

Choose positive friends that support you and motivate you on your journey and you will no doubt succeed. I am finding those people and I can’t tell you how important this has become in my life. I see people each day who smile at me and remind me the value in coming to work and doing my best. When I feel down or upset, I look to my coworkers and friends as inspiration to keep me going. People have always told me that if you worked hard and stay focused on what you want, you will receive more than you even expect. I am beginning to see the result of hard work and I am surrounded by others who are working hard and receiving the rewards of their good work as well. It’s a beautiful thing.

There is nothing quite like a life of positivity and joy. Remember, even when you are working hard, that you need to smile and laugh. Life is meant to be enjoyed!