A Hybrid Social Enterprise: Commercial Bakery and Non-Profit Programs

Greyston’s innovative structure reflects our hybrid mission as a purpose-driven commercial bakery embedded within an ecosystem of nonprofit organizations serving the needs of both our bakery team and the local community. Our designation as the first registered benefit corporation in New York State and as a leader in the B Corp community enables Greyston to embrace both traditional and innovative forms of governance and corporate form.

Board of Directors

Karen Kochevar

Chair, Greyston Foundation, Acting Chair, Greyston Bakery

Joseph Armentano

Treasurer, Greyston Foundation

Deborah Annex


Anthony Bailey

Joan Binstock

Mike Brady

CEO and President

Edward Falkenberg

Alan Gaynor

Alan Gaynor

Vice President, Human Capital
Rich Jamesely

Rich Jamesely

General Manager, Bakery
Patrick James

Patrick James

General Manager, Health and Sustainability

Ken Jenkins

Daniel E. Magnus

Gloria Mirrione

Matthew Reich

Andy Rosengarden

Andy Rosengarden

Chief Financial Officer

Noemi Santana

Deborah Stewart

Secretary, Greyston Foundation
Alex Villano

Alex Villano

Vice President, Development

Barry Willner

Andrew Yearley

Susan Yoss

Treasurer, Greyston Bakery

Annual Reports