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Greyston has been changing lives for 35 years through radical inclusion. A pioneering social enterprise, Greyston practices Open Hiring™ – providing jobs to individuals who face barriers to employment – in its world-class bakery and supports its employees and community members with a range of Community Programs. Greyston works to advance the widespread adoption of the Open Hiring model through the Center for Open Hiring™.

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Greyston was founded in 1982 by a Zen Buddhist, Bernie Glassman, as a place of inclusion and opportunity. Bernie recognized that people in the community of Bronx and, later, Southwest Yonkers needed jobs and so opened his doors to provide employment, no questions asked. For 35 years, we’ve developed and embraced Open Hiring™ – employing individuals regardless of education, work history, or social barriers, such as language skills, homelessness or incarceration, and offering the supportive services the community needs to thrive.

Through the Center for Open Hiring, Greyston is facilitating the widespread adoption of Open Hiring to expand our impact beyond the city of Yonkers.

Bakers on a Mission

Since 1982, we have developed and refined Open Hiring, developing a remarkable team of bakers by hiring without interviews, resumes, background checks or applications. Beyond the critical first step of providing an opportunity to work, the Open Hiring Model includes community services programs to support new employees and their neighbors. With each position we fill through Open Hiring, we create the opportunity for someone to transform their own life and the lives of their family members and to contribute to a thriving community.

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Together, We Create Impact

35 Years

Experience Building Inclusive Business Practices

176 Individuals

Employed Through Open Hiring™  in 2016

6.5 Million Pounds

Of Brownies Baked Annually

A Deliciously Sweet Partnership

Greyston proudly bakes 35,000 pounds of brownies for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every day, to be added into popular flavors like Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Half Baked and Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Our founder, Bernie Glassman and Ben & Jerry’s co-founder, Ben Cohen, met at a social innovation conference in 1987 and realized they agreed that business should be meaningful and impactful for the community.

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Opening in 2018, The Center for Open Hiring will facilitate the refinement and widespread adoption of Open Hiring.

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Team Spotlight


“If not for Greyston, I would be on the streets. Nine years later, I’ve been promoted and I spend every day mentoring new employees.”


“I started taking Customer Service classes at Greyston and now I’m working in administration at the bakery. Every day is a blessing.”


“I am honored to see my son flourish at our Early Learning Center and to know he’s safe while I’m at work.”

A Hybrid Social Enterprise: Commercial Bakery and Non-Profit Programs

Greyston’s innovative structure reflects our hybrid mission as a purpose-driven commercial bakery embedded within an ecosystem of nonprofit organizations serving the needs of both our bakery team and the local community. Our designation as the first registered benefit corporation in New York State and as a leader in the B Corp community enables Greyston to embrace both traditional and innovative forms of governance and corporate form.

Board of Directors

Joseph Armentano

Treasurer, Greyston Foundation

Anthony Bailey

Joan Binstock

Mike Brady

CEO and President

Edward Falkenberg

Alan Gaynor

Alan Gaynor

Vice President, Human Capital
Rich Jamesley

Rich Jamesley

General Manager, Greyston Bakery
Joe Kenner

Joe Kenner

Vice President, Programs and Partnerships

Karen Kochevar

Chair, Greyston Foundation

Daniel E. Magnus

Gloria Mirrione

Bruce Nirenberg

Bruce Nirenberg

Matthew Reich

Chairman, Greyston Bakery
Andy Rosengarden

Andy Rosengarden

Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Stewart

Secretary, Greyston Foundation
Alex Villano

Alex Villano

Vice President, Development

Barry Willner

Andrew Yearley

Susan Yoss

Treasurer, Greyston Bakery

Social Impact Is Baked Into Everything We Do

At Greyston, we believe business can and should be a powerful force for good. As New York’s First Certified Benefit Corporation, we are committed to creating lasting, positive social impact. We answer to, and transparently report on, a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Committed to A Positive Impact Through The Supply Chain

From the ingredients we buy to the way we hire, Greyston is demonstrating every day that it is good for business to focus beyond the bottom-line and short-term profits.  Putting people, community and the environment first is good for business. We source the finest ingredients, including Fair Trade sugar and chocolate and cage-free eggs and use renewable resources to power our plant. Every day, we look to reduce our waste and to choose practices that benefit our community, like funneling profits back into programs that support our employees and their neighbors.

Together, We Create Impact

70% of Waste

Diverted to Recycling in 2016

Over 5,400 Individuals

Served in the Community Yearly

32% Reduction

In Greenhouse Gases in 2016

A Sweet Partnership

Greyston proudly bakes 35,000 pounds of brownies for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every day, to be added into unbelievably popular flavors like Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Half Baked and Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Our founder, Bernie Glassman, and Ben & Jerry’s co-founder, Ben Cohen, met in 1987 and discovered a shared sense of common purpose around using business for good.

Greyston and Ben & Jerry’s forged a new path-proving business can be fun, successful and a force for social justice. We are now working closely to support their exploration of values-led hiring, derived from the Greyston Open Hiring Model.

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