7 Reasons You Should be Eating a Cookie Thin Right Now

Date: Jan 13, 2015 By: greystonbakery


We have compiled a list of reasons you are absolutely not allowed to feel guilty about indulging in the sweet, crispy, homemade taste of Greyston Bakery Brown Sugar Blondie Crisps, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Crisps and Chocolate Mint Brownie Crisps.


  1. Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins elevate our mission of providing delicious treats that enable marginalized groups to transform into thriving and empowered members of society. 16 job opportunities have opened within the bakery through our Open Hiring Policy because of the production of our Cookie Thins line. This means that 16 more lives have been changed. We hope to expand this impact in the coming years by baking more flavors. Providing jobs to the all-too-often overlooked members of society sounds like music to our idealistic, ever-optimistic ears. mariacookies
  2. We use Fair Trade Cocoa and Sugar in all of our cookies (and brownies). We avoid companies that exploit their workers and trace our ingredients to ensure equitable treatment of people, communities and the environment. So sit down and enjoy a Chocolate Fudge Brownie crisp with your milk, because, wherever possible, we sourced from companies that treated workers fairly and equitably. Greyston Bakery focuses on people rather than mere profits.3B8B4247
  3. All of our eggs are Cage-Free because no cruelty should occur in the making of any product, ever.3B8B4196
  4. We never use processed ingredients or artificial flavorings which is why our cookies have a homemade taste.3B8B4156
  5. Each cookie only contains 20 calories.cookiethin3
  6. Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins are the ultimate treat to share with friends and family and the perfect accompaniment to tea or coffee!tea!
  7. You should never feel guilty about eating a delicious treat that makes you smile.3B8B4953

So eat on, friends! Greyston Bakery Cookie Thins await you at Whole Foods Market!